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Japanese Lessons × Asao Language School in Shinjuku and Shin-Yurigaoka

Asao Language School is a year-round Japanese language school based in Shin-Yurigaoka, Kanagawa and Shinjuku, Tokyo in Japan.
Open today until 22:00
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Hi everyone!

Many thanks for watching our fourth video :)

In this video, Aiko sensei will be teaching us some useful Japanese expressions that you can use at restaurants. They are quite practical, so have a go!

Whether you are at complete Beginners level or Proficiency level, whenever you need...

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スケジュールの都合で、半年程時間を開けてしまい申し訳ありませんでした。Asao Teacher Trainingを再開させて頂きました。





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2020年2月22日土曜日新宿にて、第十七回Asao Teacher Trainingを行いました。




以下のリンク先で過去の動画もご覧頂けます :)

Asao Teacher Trainingは、月一回のペースで行っております。次回もフェイスブック上で...

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In the event, some of us tried to challenge that famous mochi pounding expert, thinking that is way easy!

Well...they don't call it HIGH SPEED for nothing, do they?

The stuff is hot and as you can see, when it gets faster, it becomes really difficult to establish t...

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Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for joining us for our very first event of the year, Shinnnennkai 2020.

We hope you enjoyed it :)

Our next get-together will be taking place from 19:30 - 23:30 either on Friday the 27th or Saturday the 28th of March in the same room at UNPLAN Shinjuku :)

We have...

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第十七回 Asao Teacher Training

2020/02/22 – 2020/02/22





私のスケジュールの都合で、半年程時間が空いてしまいましたが、Asao Teacher Trainingを再開させて頂きたいと思います。


第十七回 Asao Teacher Training

2月22日土曜日10:00 - 11:00




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Cultural / Social activity in February 2020

2020/02/02 – 2020/02/02

Welcome back to Asao Language School!


We hope you had a great holiday, catching up with your friends and family :)

To get a head start, please join us for our first get-together event of the year, Shinnnennkai 2020!

With step by step guidance from Takasugi san from Takasugi A...

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3 months ago
Studying at Asao is very enjoyable! Teachers are very experienced, friendly and flexible to accommodate to student's schedule. After attending 8 lessons, my Japanese conversation skill improved and I will continue with more lessons. Highly recommended to study at Asao!
- Poon N
a year ago
School Location is conducive to learning, Very Active professional Teachers, and Well-Structured Curriculum Activities..Great place to be!
- Jessie S
a year ago
Asao is a very nice school with experienced teachers and a very friendly ambiance.
- Luis R
Hi everyone, 

Thank you so much for visiting our minisite

It is very nice to meet you :)

We are a group of 10 experienced and skilled private Japanese language teachers working in a team called Asao Language School.

We provide quality-learning experience to Japanese language learners of various levels, professional backgrounds, nationalities, first languages and age groups with their individual study goals both in person and on Skype.

All of us are native Japanese speakers with an extensive teaching experience abroad as well as in Japan. 

We specialize in teaching Conversational Japanese, General Japanese, Academic Japanese, JLPT Preparation and Business Japanese. 

We originally come from various professions, such as Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Education, Medical, pharmaceutical, Translation/Interpretation, Tourism, Editorial, Journalism, Music, Cooking and so on. 

We are passionate about what we do and hope that our assistances provide additional contributions to your Japanese study :)

Lesson time and locations:

We provide lessons both in person and on Skype from 08:00 to 22:00 from Monday to Sunday including public holidays. 

Our lessons in person take place at our classrooms in Shin-Yurigaoka (within a 5 minutes' walk from South Gate) , in Shinjuku (within a 2 minutes' walk from JR Shinjuku South Gate) as well as at the locations of your choice in Kanagawa, Tokyo, Saitama and Chiba prefectures. 

We can also book a rental private space/office at your preferred location. 

Teaching methodology:

In our lessons, we apply interactive teaching methodologies coupled with lesson plans that are specifically tailored to fit your academic needs. 

Please feel free to let us know your questions and requests anytime. Our priority is to focus on your requests in each lesson. 

We generally use Direct Method in our lessons, however, if requested, other languages, e.g. English is also used supplementarily. 

Lesson Style and Structure: 

We apply communicative approach in our lessons and maximize the amount of time you are speaking in lessons. Our teaching style is interactive and we always make sure that our lessons are interesting, engaging and relaxed but professional and result oriented at the same time.

A 60-minute Private Lesson typically consists of a grammar lesson, speaking and listening practices and new vocabularies, idioms and expressions are introduced throughout the lesson. 

A sample 60-minute lesson structure is as followed:

0 - 20 minutes: 
Catch-up, Welcome general questions and Check homework
20 - 50 minutes: 
Review and Work on new topics
50 - 60 minutes: 
Welcome questions again

We are usually requested to focus on improving your speaking, listening and comprehension skills, however, we also recognize that reading and writing tasks are equally important for your speaking and listening progress.

For Whom:

Our Lessons cover various proficiency levels, from Japanese for everyday usage to JLPT Preparation and Business Japanese. 
Students, families, expats, international assignees and corporate personnel as well as those who wish to supplement their current lessons at other Japanese language institutions are welcome. 

Semi-Private lessons (Max 3 learners per class) are also available for those wish to study with their partner, family and colleagues, providing their purpose of learning and their current Japanese levels are the same.   

Lesson fees: 

Prices for Private Lessons in person at our classrooms in Shin-Yurigaoka and Shinjuku are as followed: 

A 60 minute Private Lesson is JPY 3950
A 90 minute Private Lesson is JPY 5700
A 120 minute Private Lesson is JPY 7600

The prices above include 10% consumption tax. 

Having lessons outside our classrooms will require additional fees of 500 yen per day as the teacher's round trip transportation cost. Calculating from Shinjuku, if the transportation costs exceed 500 yen to reach the lesson location, actual expense will apply.

Prices for Private Lessons on Skype are as followed:

A 60 minute Private Lesson is JPY 2450
A 90 minute Private Lesson is JPY 3300
A 120 minute Private Lesson is JPY 4400

The prices above include 10% consumption tax.

No additional fees, e.g. registration fee, course textbook and materials fees.

Terms and Conditions:

Please kindly make sure to read carefully through our Terms and Conditions described below and if you have questions or need clarifications in the related matter, please let us know.

Please note that booking lessons with us requires advance payment in a form of bank wire transfer or credit card payment online or Gennkinnkakitome or PayPal or in cash in person at our classrooms (open from 08:00 to 22:00, from Monday to Sunday) in Shin-Yurigaoka or in Shinjuku from the first lesson.

And, your booking(s) will be confirmed when we confirm the receipt of your payment first.

If you prefer cash payment, please kindly let us know well in advance, so that we can ask our accountant to call in in time to collect the payment at one of our classrooms requested. Please kindly note that for each cash payment, there is minimum payment requirement of 10000 yen.

If you prefer bank wire transfer, please let us know. We will forward you our bank account detail. Please kindly note that we also accept single payment for multiple bookings, all bank charges are the responsibility of the sender and once made, fees are not refundable and not transferrable to others, e.g. family members and friends.

When you have made the payment, please kindly let us know so that we can confirm the receipt of your payment and your booking(s). Subsequently, we will forward you the contact detail of your teacher.

If we cannot confirm the receipt of your payment at the latest 24 hours prior to the pre-scheduled commencement of the lesson(s), the pre-scheduled lesson(s) will be cancelled automatically without prior notice. Please kindly note that domestic fund transfer requests submitted after 14:30 (Japan Standard Time) on business days and on weekends or holidays will be processed on the following business day.

Regarding our cancellation and rescheduling policy, please kindly note that we ask everyone to let us know at the latest by 24 hours prior to the scheduled commencement of the lesson(s) so that we can inform the teacher in advance and also save your credit for the lesson(s).

A make-up lesson will be then scheduled at a time that is mutually convenient with the student and the teacher and the saved credit will be carried-over to be used on the make-up lesson.

However, cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled commencement of the lesson(s) and no shows are charged at 100% of the fee of the day, unless otherwise your reason for cancellation meets our Extenuating Circumstances policy.

Please kindly note that if you fail to make it to the pre-agreed meeting point or lesson location on time, after 15 minutes following the commencement of the lesson, your teacher reserves the right to leave the location and the credit shall not be refunded. In cases where your medical condition makes it impossible to attend the scheduled lesson and if this condition existed but was not advised at the time of the booking, no refund will also be given. 

Please also kindly note that notice of cancellation and rescheduling must be provided in writing and applies from the date it is received by Asao Language School.

Please kindly note that Asao Language School reserves the right to change, without notice, our Terms and Conditions at anytime. If we do not enforce any condition of these Terms and Conditions or we delay in enforcing it, this will not prevent us from retrospectively enforcing the condition and will not constitute a waiver of that condition. And, Asao Language School also reserves the right to refuse bookings.


"What types of study materials are used?"

In the initial lesson(s), we usually discuss in detail what approach to take in order to achieve your short term and long term study goals. Depending on your requests, we will suggest different lesson structures with a variety of textbooks. Alternatively, we can also take conversation-based approach. Please feel free to let us know your requests anytime. 

"Can I receive a Student Visa by enrolling at your school?"

No, for further information, please contact the nearest immigration office in your neighborhood or embassy of Japan in your country. 

"Do you offer any sort of trial lessons?"

No, we are very sorry we provide neither free/trial lessons nor discounts on our lesson fees. We are a group of professionally trained and experienced teachers and we are fully committed to assisting you from the first lesson.

"Can the lessons be bought on a one-time basis or in a block of lessons?"

We accept both one-off private lessons and block bookings. We may suggest that you book the first lesson individually first in order to meet the teacher, ask further questions, set goals and try our sample lesson. You are also more than welcome to try a different teacher(s) after the first lesson(s). 

"Are the lessons always taught by the same teacher(s)?" 

Yes, unless otherwise requested, the same teacher(s) will be teaching your lessons regularly. If the originally assigned teacher(s) becomes unavailable temporarily we will inform you first and mutually decide upon alternative time and day to continue with the same teacher. If the teacher becomes unavailable permanently, we will suggest a new teacher(s) so that you can continue with the same time and day. 

Teachers make a lesson progress report after each lesson and regularly update each other. The new teacher will be fully informed in relation to lesson content, structure, teaching strategies and so on in advance. Therefore, the transition of teachers should be processed smoothly and effectively.

"Are the lessons at Asao usually booked at the same day and time every week or am I able to schedule them for different days and times?"

Both ways are possible. If you prefer to book lessons at different times and days and even at locations, it will be no problem also. However, as our lesson schedule and the availability of our classrooms change on an on-going basis, please kindly let us know your preferred time(s) and date(s) for lessons well in advance, so that we can reschedule ourselves to accommodate your requests. 

"I prefer to pay in cash. Can I pay directly to the teacher on the day?"

No, we are very sorry booking lessons with us always requires advance payment. Our teachers do not deal with payment and lesson scheduling themselves, because so that they can fully dedicate themselves to the lessons per se.

"I prefer bank wire transfer to cash" Is it possible for you to accept international bank transfer for payment?"

Yes, if you are already based in Japan and therefore would like to use the Japanese banks, please let us know, we will forward you our bank account details. 

If you prefer to make payment before leaving your country or using your bank abroad, please kindly let us know, we will forward you our bank account details including SWIFT code.

"I'm not sure if I can send a bank wire transfer. What are my options?"

We accept advance payment in a form of bank wire transfer, credit card payment online, Gennkinnkakitome, PayPal and cash in person.

If you prefer credit card payment online, please kindly let us know how many lessons you would like to pay for. We will then forward you a link that you can click to go to a webpage where you can put in your credit card details. Please kindly note that credit card payment online requires handling fees in each transaction. For further information, please check Square Payment's terms and conditions. 

Gennkinnkakitome is a type of service provided at every post office in Japan. Through this service, you can send cash to any address in Japan by registered mail. If you take the lesson fee and the specified home address (Please inquire) with you to a post office, and inquire for the service, they will assist you. 

If you prefer PayPal payment, please kindly let us know. We will forward you our account details. Please kindly note that PayPal applies their unique currency exchange rate and handling fees in each transaction. For further information, please check their terms and conditions. 

If you prefer cash payment, please kindly let us know well in advance, so that we can ask our accountant to call in in time to collect the payment at one of our classrooms requested. Please kindly note that for each cash payment, there is minimum payment requirement of 10000 yen.

"Can you provide receipts?"
Yes, please let us know to which name you would like us to make the receipt out. Please kindly note that, if you make a payment through a bank wire transfer or credit card payment online or Gennkinnkakitome, they will automatically provide you with receipts. We can also provide invoices for our corporate clients. 

"If I am running late for the class or cannot go to the class, who should I contact?"

After confirming the receipt of your payment and therefore your booking(s), we will forward you the contact detail of your teacher. However, please contact your teacher on that number only in emergency. For lesson scheduling, payment and other administrative work, please continue to directly contact our colleague, Masahiko Kitaya who looks after our administrative work.

Other Types of Lessons and Services:

We are also available for special needs, e.g. Semi Private Lessons, Group Lessons, Business Japanese Workshops, 
Marketing / Sales Assistance, Interpretation and Translation, Activity organization as well as Tour Guide services upon request . 

A cultural / social activity is organized every month. 

For more information about us, please us at the following channels


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